Beauty in Unexpected Places.

Posted in Random Musings on June 14, 2009 by The Raven

And as the illness continues to bother me and seemingly continue to grow worse.. I saw one of the most beautiful sights this morning at about 5-6am or so. While wandering through the house– okay so it was more like stumbling– I went out to the kitchen to get some water only to be blinded by the sun shining through the window.  Of course before I went out into the kitchen I looked out my own bedroom window to see if it was cloudy or not to which I was happy to see it wasn’t, but it was however really foggy..

Anyways.. While I was getting blinded I happened to look out across the field and fog to see the sunrise. It was just awesome.. The sun sparkling off the dew on the meadow and the fog hanging in the air making everything look half there.. It made me realize just how much I love watching the sunrise and how much I miss it because I used to watch it every morning before school while I was waiting for the bus to come.. Now I realize as well that not only is it really beautiful, but it comes at a God awful hour!

And that term brings me to the next half of this blog.. “God awful”. What does that mean anyway? I mean… Isn’t God supposed to be great and wonderful? Now, if you know me well enough you’ll likely know that I’m not this super religious type– meaning I’m not a born again, or anything. But that also doesn’t mean that I’m a Hell spawn of Satan like say oh.. Spencer Pratt? Come on now… That man has some iiiiiiiiiissues…  Makes me wonder if he is actually that psychotic all the time, or if he just does it because he is on TV.

I’m sorry, but if you’re supposed to be a Christian, aren’t you supposed to treat people with respect and kindness even if they are treating you badly (or badly in your point of view which seems to be skewed to begin with)? *shrugs* Guess it’s just part of the human condition.. Being contradictory that is. I just don’t get how some can say one thing and turn around and do the polar opposite, makes no sense to me. Then again, I never really did claim to have all the answers, guess that’s what makes life so damn difficult sometimes.

Anyway, guess that’s it for me for right now– unless I come up with something else or someone else to talk about lol. So until one or the other, keep on rockin!


Metal Cures What Ails Ya.

Posted in Random Musings on June 13, 2009 by The Raven

Throw up your rock hands boys and girls, okay so maybe the use of ‘throw up’ is bad considering the circumstances. *coughs*  What can I say? I was never one to really be restrained when it came to using puns. But I’ve noticed that despite the fact I wish I could have been run over by a Mac truck earlier to forget about feeling miserable, the destruction of my ear drums by Slipknot and Dee Snider’s House of Hair has seemed to help me feel a little bit better.

Okay, I can’t give all the cred to metal and rock, because I did do a lot of laughing while watching Paul Blart. Yes that movie is freakin hillarious, and normally I don’t name too many movies as being freakin hillarious but this one is. I mean come on.. Kevin James riding a segway and taking out a bunch of thugs? What’s not to love?!

Anywho… To leave you with a little bit of awesomeness for the day and a little tunage to tap your toes too, I present via YouTube… Dead Memories by Slipknot!

Stupid immune system

Posted in Thoughts for the Day on June 13, 2009 by The Raven

For those of you who know me know that I’ve got asthma and while it normally is under control I still do need to use an inhaler from time to time. As of right now I’ve got what I think is bronchitis that I caught from my dad, and it’s making my asthma flair up and making me feel entirely miserable. I’ve had to use my inhaler more this past week more than I have in the past five years.

But yeah feeling this crummy is making me a little short tempered around some people.  I’m trying not to be lol but damn it’s so hard when I feel like crap. What sucks worse about it is my doctor is only in her office in town on Tuesdays, and if I try to get in, chances are I’m going to have to wait until a week later to be able to have an appointment. Now, it’s not like I couldn’t go to another doctor because I could, but I don’t have insurance nor the money to pay for it (for some reaons) so my options are rather limited as to where I can or can’t go.

Basically I’m stuck like this unless I can by some strange twist of fate can get into the doctor this Tuesday to get looked at. Right now my chest is starting ache from all the coughing and my throat  just is raw. So aside from wanting to sleep all day I’m just wanting to stay away from as many people RL and Online as possible lol. I can’t say it makes me a bad person simply because I really just don’t want to tick anyone off because I’m either not answering them or I just get a teeny bit rude. What can I say?? I’m thoughtful like that lmao.


Posted in Thoughts for the Day on June 12, 2009 by The Raven

A nice little play on words if I may say so myself since I’ve a rather strange facination with vampires and all. Now.. As some of you can tell by now if you’re a frequent flier to this blog, it is no longer a gaming blog. I do have a reason for this and it is: I’ve just not had as many chances to play new games lately as I don’t have a ‘next gen’ console much less anyone to game beside anymore since my brother and gaming partner moved.

However I am not going to let that stop me from blogging my silly little heart out about whatever pops into my silly little brain. Now with all of that said and out of the way, keep checking back as I’m still working on making this the best blog I can possibly make it!

Bubble Wrap Fetish? This is for you!

Posted in Thoughts for the Day on February 27, 2008 by The Raven

Hey.. If you happen to have a weird bubble wrap fetish, then this link is certainly for you.

Now I found it really amusing and am sure it would keep me well entertained for about… an hour. Lol, I think by then the lil popping noises could get a tad annoying.

Tetris fans rejoice!

Posted in Thoughts for the Day on February 26, 2008 by The Raven

This link was posted on the blog for AOTS. Figured would get it out on mine as well. For a download of Tetris for your comp just go here: the download is a lil over 1oooKB and takes a short time to DL, which makes it even more worth it. Not to mention you can sit and watch the AI play the game if you happen to get bored of playing yourself. Hope you all check it out. 🙂