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Posted in Thoughts for the Day on March 16, 2010 by The Raven

So today is a beautiful, sunny day here in NY and while outside walking a rather hyperactive and time wasting dog I decided to do a few things.

1) I’ve decided that our dog loves the outdoors and purposely holds her business so she can maximize her outdoor time.

2) My Summer time nemesis, the bees are back in force. Gah! The ground is crawling with flies, and the bees are like.. All over. It’s insane. Guess it’s a good sign though because means Spring is here.

3) I really should get back to work on my writing. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a serious sit down session with it. I mean I worked on a couple pages the other night, but didn’t get too much done. And I started a fan fiction based on ‘Heroes’ but even that kind of stopped.

I’ve plenty of things for inspiration right now, I really don’t know why I’m dragging my feet. Maybe it’s because I’m worried it won’t be any good, that things won’t really go anywhere with it. Can’t really say. I know it’s frustrating though, because this second book of the series has been a two year project mainly because it was going to be the first book.

But I figured that characters needed to be evolved first, that the readers needed to know where they came from, who they were before the events of the second book because so much happens to them then. This first book titled ‘Blood Born’ is going to be the book that pretty much tells the origins of the characters, who they are, what they do and what relationships they have with one another.

As it is I’ve had to change the way one character is in the book, and right now I’m wanting to change another character. Why? Well um.. Because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how he acts/reacts in the book. I mean there are some aspects of the character that I love, but I really do want to tweak it a little more. I figure if I can sit down and really make myself serious about getting more work done on these books that I should be able to finish them up quickly.

Right now the second book is nearly finished since I had so much done on it before deciding I needed to make a book explaining everything. And this first book has about ten chapters or so that are done, I just need to tweak stuff here and there and get the danged plot finalized. No one said being a writer was easy, and I’m beginning to see why. Sometimes it’s no fun trying to wrack my brain to figure out what I want to do.

So.. Here is to luck, inspiration and suddenly finding my lucky muse of the day.