The power of addiction.

As I sit here watching last week’s episode of Celebrity Rehab I find that it’s really one of the most emotional of all the episodes that I’ve watched since starting to watch the show back in Season 1. And I’ll admit I’ve cried off and on watching this show because I literally cannot imagine the things these people have been through, the things that drove them to addiction and what their lives were like while being addicted. However this episode has made me cry far more than any of the other episodes combined. This season of Celebrity Rehab (for those who don’t watch it) has Mike Starr, the former bassist of Alice in Chains- a band who I have loved since the 90s and to this day still love.

On last week’s episode Layne Stayley’s mother appeared with Mike Starr’s mother at a kind of family group session. For those who don’t know much about the history of Alice in Chains, Layne was the Lead singer of the band and had one of the most recognizable voices of that era and in my opinion not only was the sound of his voice hauntingly beautiful but he really conveyed so much emotion. I think that was one of the main draws to me that really made me a fan of the band. Not only did he have an amazing voice but he was surrounded by a lot of talent in the band members that were around him. During this family group session, Stayley’s mother spoke about the loss of her son- and Mike’s best friend- and the words she spoke were not only moving but very eye opening.

I can hardly believe it has been over 7 years since I heard about Layne Stayley’s death, and even now the thought of how long it has been is still very shocking. But watching the interaction between Starr and Stayley’s mother, you could see how much this affected the both of them on so many levels- which obviously goes without saying as the loss of a loved one is never easy for anyone.

My heart goes out to the families of those who have lost someone to addiction, as well as to everyone who is suffering from an addiction or even those who know someone suffering from an addiction.

-I would like to dedicate this blog post to the Stayley family, as well as to the families of those who have lost someone to addiction. Just remember there is always hope, there is always help and as long as you are able to support someone in getting the help they need to beat their addiction life is always possible.


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