And so it begins..

As I’m sure those looking at the blog have noticed, it has undergone a name change as well as a bit of a face lift. The blog changes aren’t done yet so keep checking back periodically to see what else I am doing. I’ll try to make Twitter updates when something major is changed so for those who DO follow me on Twitter be on the look out for that.

Also I started my FIRST full fledged Fan Fiction story last night. I’m pretty excited about it though I know someone will tease me about how they have ruined me. *eyes person in question*. But regardless it’s going to be a tricky story to write given what I have in mind. Needless to say it’s will involve a lot of researching and asking questions etc. But I look forward to it. The best part of writing for me is researching and gathering the right information so I can actually begin my writing process.

Heck I spent a good 3 months researching vampire mythology so I could begin writing my books. Don’t think that I’ll have to spend nearly that much time researching for this story however. Though all the talk about finding out the history of things has got me contemplating what someone suggested just recently in the RPG I play called Bloodletting. The person behind a character I was talking to suggested that I turn the story of my own character’s life into a book. Mainly because she has a very rough childhood that turns her into a Slayer, and an even bigger turn of events that makes her into the one thing she had always hated the most.. A vampire.

Oh.. Don’t let me forget.. This character was also born in the 1800s and was only just recently turned. Yay for magic! Haha.

Anyways.. Those are the updates so far. I’ll try to post a snippet of the character in here in a bit of an RP format (the one from the short story not the RPG) so you can get a feel for who she is before the story is finished.


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