The Hollywood Skinny

Is it just me or are Hollywood/TV actresses shrinking? I’ve noticed that lately a lot of actresses I see in movies or TV shows are about the size of toothpicks. If the camera adds ten pounds to a person, I would seriously hate to run into these women in real life. They must look like Skeletor, I mean nothing but bones covered with a bit of muscle and skin. And yes this is a topic that I’m rather passionate about because I believe a person- man or woman, young or old- should look healthy and looking healthy doesn’t mean you have to be 90 pounds and fit into a size 0.

Hell, I’m proud to be a plus size woman- meaning I wear a size bigger than 9- and I’m happy with how I look. I have curves God Damnit, and I’m happy with that! But you go into stores these days and it seems like everything they have are geared towards these skinny minis who could make a tight plastic wrap outfit look baggy. Being that thin isn’t healthy for a person in general.

I’m sorry being so thin to the point you can see your own spine (ex: Gabriel Anwar of Burn Notice) or count your own ribs (ex: Lindsey Lohan) means you have some serious issues going on. Yes I suppose that the afor mentioned Gabriel Anwar could just have a really fast metabolism, but what is Lindsey Lohan’s excuse? She’s never been that thin before.

Personally I think Hollywood and the Media are to blame. They are the ones putting pressure on these celebrities to be super thin in order to be considered ‘glamorous’ and ‘gorgeous’ when in truth being that thin is sickening. I can’t stand to watch a show or movie with someone who is that skinny and if I worked with them I’d be worried about hurting them just by shaking their hands. Celebrities are role models to a lot of kids, and what example are they setting if they submit to the pressure of being thin in order to remain popular? To me that’s setting America’s Youth as well as the Global Youth in general up for numerous eating disorders so they can mimic their favorite celebrities and be super thin so they can feel attractive.

(Now I know my blog isn’t that popular, because frankly word hasn’t gotten out about it, but that’s cool. But for those reading this, I just hope that this makes sense.)

You don’t have to look like a stick to be beautiful- now I’m not saying you should weight 400 pounds either because that is just as detrimental to your health- you can have curves and still be beautiful. Now I’m not saying what’s on the outside of a person is all that matters because it isn’t, and anyone who believes that is very shallow. What true beauty is, is what is inside a person. How much they care for those around them even those that they don’t know, how they can laugh at really bad jokes etc. That is true beauty in my opinion.

A person should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin. They shouldn’t feel pressured to fit into a certain standard set by the media and Hollywood (and society in general) about how they should look in order to be beautiful. We all don’t have to be blonds who are 90 pounds, can fit into a size zero pant and have huge breasts. Nor do we have to be loaded down with muscles and be a meat head in order to be considered pretty.

I guess beauty is what we make it, and if we want to say it’s being so tiny that if you turn sideways you disappear, or that you have so many muscles that you can’t put your arms down.. Then as a society we’ve failed. We’re an intelligent race, and to be basing life off of so called beauty norms and sex shows that perhaps we’re not as intelligent as our advances in technology make us out to be.

I think that the Media and Hollywood really need a big wake up call. Can’t be they stop to think that their glorifying that kind of behavior in role models is causing the self esteem of young girls and boys to plummet. Their sickening glorification is causing people to go out and get operation after operation in plastic surgery to look like a certain celebrity really isn’t helping matters.

I guess all in all what I am trying to say is that perhaps the media and or Hollywood should be limited on how much they glorify this kind of behavior. We always say that people should be who they want to be, not submit to peer pressure, and to look how they want to based on their tastes. Yet we contradict ourselves with saying that this is the style to wear, that this is the haircut to have, this is the makeup to use and that this is the ideal size you have to be.

Let me tell you one thing though. There are medical guidelines for how much a person should weigh based on their height and age group. And I’m pretty sure that most people who are that thin, aren’t fitting into that healthy guideline. Here is a site that is an example of what I mean


I’m sure if you go into a Doctor’s office you may see one there or perhaps even be able to ask if they have a guide you can look at. I’m not sure how accurate the one in that link is, and am pretty positive that your Doctor’s will be pretty damn accurate.

In closing.. I want to say, be yourselves. Don’t live your life based on what other people are suggesting you do because it’s the “in thing” in Hollywood. Live to make yourself happy first and for most and don’t care what people say about it (unless it’s destructive behavior ’cause I don’t condone that lol).

JUST LIVE!!!! And as always.. Keep on rocking.


5 Responses to “The Hollywood Skinny”

  1. Makes sense to me! One could say I’m a fitness freak, but I strive for incremental increases in lean muscle mass and not into the skin over bones look. Curves are appealing, which reminds me of the Sir Mix-A-Lot song “Baby Got Back.” 🙂

  2. GothicPineapple Says:

    *giggles* That song never gets old. But I’m glad someone actually left a constructive comment rather than one that was about dissing people lol. But yeah, I’m all about trying to stay fit. I say trying because I had to stop doing yoga until I can get my asthma in check- not been pleasant.

  3. GothicPineapple Says:

    Is odd that you posted that hehe. Was thinking tonight I should get back into yoga this week. It’s been awhile. Course I’ve been distracted lately and really haven’t gotten around to doing too much writing lately. Hopefully I can work on getting back into both of those things this week. We shall see!

    • I hit the pool during the winter months at least 3 times per week. Working on my long distance freestyle stamina and endurance. One thing that is obvious, I have a long ways to go before I reach the Ironman triathlete level.

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