Just realized..

Hoooooooooooly shyte! G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra comes out Friday! Yes, FRIDAY! As in this FRIDAY! Needless to say this Friday is going to kick maximus butimus. Why? Well aside from the G.I. Joe news which just happens to have my favorite Sith Lord Darth Maul- aka Ray Parks- playing Snake Eyes, the next season of one of my favorite shows- Psych- is starting back up.

Oh yeah, if one day could rock any harder than the rest… It would be this Friday.


4 Responses to “Just realized..”

  1. I once had a G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip, when I was a small boy of course. This G.I. Joe was unique, because it featured real hair (whiskers) with the military crew cut!

  2. GothicPineapple Says:

    Oh wow yeah I remember seeing those, those were the old school ones. I -even though yes I am a girl- used to have and still have the smaller totally plastic ones. Me and my brother would play with them and the vehicles and make up these little stories about them. We had these things called Constructs (don’t know if many know what those are, if not just google them) and we’d build these bases with them and add them into the story and shoot them up with the different vehicles and guns that came with some of the G.I. Joes.

    Or we would take them out and set them in trees and pretend they were in battle, and we’d hook plastic grocery bags to their arms with either string or we’d just wrap the handles around their arms and hands and then drop them through the air and watch them parachute down. Some of my fondest memories with my brothers revolve around G.I. Joes.

  3. GothicPineapple Says:

    Yeah we had some pretty good imaginations back then 🙂

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