Oh the fun..

Yesterday after returning home from a nice long day of shopping with my mom and best friend, I wandered down cellar to let our cat out of his little kennel. Yes our cat has a kennel he sleeps in. Why? Because if left to roam on his own, the house would be a mess when we got back or when we get up in the morning. Now we of course give him food and water while he’s in there so no animal activists ranting about how it’s not right to do that. We do take care of him.

Anyway, back to the story..

While coming back upstairs with food and water dishes in my right hand, and my left on the railing (safety first) I caught the toe of my sneaker on the underside of the fourth step down from the top of the stairs. Needless to say I tripped (as I was going at a good pace, this is why safety first) and hurt my left knee and ankle in the process. I’ve been in some pain since last night- hobbling around and the like- since the injury. Of course knowing what I do about first aid and such, I managed to get it iced and elevated rather soon after the injury so with luck any excess swelling was prevented though I can still tell there is some in the joint itself.

So now here I am sitting on the computer, with two ACE bandages wrapped around my knee, a brace thing on my ankle and feeling rather miserable. It’s a gorgeous day out, I so want to go out and walk around the yard… And.. I can’t. How ironic is that?? The last two weeks we’ve gotten nothing but rain, and suddenly I’m hurt and the sun decides to come out of hiding. How is it fair? It’s not! Sooo not fair at all. In other words I’m feeling a tad cranky that I can’t go for my walk like I’d like to. And having no crutches in the house to make that possible I’m rather screwed.

Ah… The fairness of clumsiness and life..


2 Responses to “Oh the fun..”

  1. Look at it this way…it could have been a lot worse! Good safe practice of using the stair hand railing prevented a possible head injury! Besides, an Ace bandage around your head would not be a good fashion statement! 🙂

  2. GothicPineapple Says:

    This is true. Though thankfully I’m all better, and I manage to take the stairs a little slower than I used to because I really don’t want to trip up again hehe.

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