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Let’s Get Nerdy..

Posted in Random Musings on July 13, 2009 by The Raven

As I’m sure any of you have heard by now, or at least fellow comic book aficionados have heard, the Green Lantern is coming to life. Well, figuratively speaking of course. The alien ring wearing, Earth protecting superhero is being pulled from the pages of a comic book and placed in a different kind of ink as his story is heading for the big screen in what could possibly be one of the more anticipated comic book movies since Watchmen (or even Wolverine Origins).

The Green Lantern movie which is slated to begin filming in January of 2010 has already gotten its lead character. And just who is going to don the alien ring and the green and black tights? Non other than the face of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds. While I myself am delighted over this pick (since he beat out Justin Timberlake who I seriously cannot see playing a Superhero unless it is some kind of Disco Dancing Kid) other comic book fans are causing an uproar. Why? Well most are having an issue about Reynolds being the face of both Deadpool and Green Lantern, and would like to have seen Firefly’s Nathan Fillion helm the role. While I’ve little doubt that Fillion would be able to play the role well, would he actually be able to fill out the suit? Yes Reynolds is known mostly for being a glib actor and holding mostly comedic roles but when push comes to shove he can play serious and dramatic roles. For example: Definitely Maybe- while yes it was a bit of a comedy did have its serious moments- and Amityville Horror.

Now my blogs usually have some kind of lead up to the whole point that I want to make, and this is where my point is going to be made. As I mentioned comic book fans have their tighty whities in a bunch because of Reynolds playing two comic book characters. Okay.. Understandable IF the comic book characters were both from the same company, which, they aren’t. Deadpool is a MARVEL character, Green Lantern is a DC comics character. Now to my knowledge neither character has had a run in with each other. Now anyone with half a brain who sits and watches the beginning of any comic book film will see the MARVEL or DC comics logo before the film actually starts, making it pretty hard to lose concept of what company the film is basing their characters on.

In further comparison Deadpool is a villain who went up against Wolverine and thusly wasn’t out to protect the world. Green Lantern is a hero who is out to protect the world. Now if people can’t understand the differences between the two characters they really need to pull their backsides out of their arses. What’s the big deal about one guy playing two comic book characters anyway? If someone is silly enough to get THAT confused about it, then um.. Yeah they deserve a good slap side the head. I’m sure in the past, there have been people who have played two different comic book characters. Hell, Punisher has had three different people helm the role (Dolph Lundren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson) in three completely different movies. So why can’t one person play two different comic book roles? How about women who have played both in a comic book adaptation and a video game adaptation of a movie? Are we going to run out and complain about Mila Jovovich and Angelina Jolie for that? I doubt it. What next? People are going to have a fit that Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine and Van Helsing? Or better yet, more drama about the emo dancing that Toby Mcquire did in the last installment of Spiderman?

If anyone wants to bitch about someone playing a certain role they should bitch about Spiderman! Toby Mcquire? REALLY?!? Yes granted Peter Parker is supposed to be this uber nerd and such, but still… Toby Mcquire????? I’m sorry the Spiderman serious- while I wasn’t that big a fan- was really really ruined for me when they named him to don the suit. The only salvaging part of the films were the cameo roles of Bruce Campbell. I mean Mcquire playing Spiderman was about as bad as Nick Cage playing Ghost Rider. I was a fan of Ghost Rider, still am, but to be honest I don’t want to watch the movie A) Because while a good actor Cage creeps me out B) I’m just not sure he could pull it off despite the buzz it got.

I think people just need to give Ryan Reynolds a chance. After all, there are casting directors for a reason, and I’m sure they saw something in his audition that they didn’t in others. And I’m pretty sure- despite what one person put on Twitter- he didn’t get the role because he’s married to Scarlett Johanson *who is a lucky woman..*. I’m sure people can argue right now that I should give Mcquire and Cage a chance, and I can tell you here and now. I have. I watched the first and third Spiderman movie. Those were hours of my life I can’t get back… And as for Ghost Rider? I saw part of it. To be honest, if there were any salvation to that film it would be in Sam Elliot though perhaps one day I’ll watch more than just a few minutes of Ghost Rider. We shall see.. But back to the Green Lantern story. As I said, people need to wait and see. It all depends on what direction the writers take it, how true to the story they stick or how much they adapt it to fit a certain audience.

Also, I want to point out that while one person on Twitter posted they thought Seth Rogan was set to play the Green Lantern I want to kindly point out that it’s the Green Hornet he is set to play. Darn Green super heroes! I’d shake an angry fist but I’m afraid Hulk will smash his way into my bed room and thusly cause me to wet myself… Not pretty..


Attack of the Show’s 1000th

Posted in Almost Uncategorized on July 9, 2009 by The Raven

Want to offer a hearty Congrats to everyone involved with Attack of the Show on their 1000th episode. They have created an awesome show that I’ve been watching for years and I’m looking forward to seeing where they can take things in the future.

For those who haven’t seen the show there is a replay tomorrow July 10th 2009 at 12:00pm EST on G4. Also right now they are working on getting the biggest tweet. So if you’re a twit (not that kind) and want to join in on making some history, log onto twitter and post a congrats tweet with #aots in it and it’ll be added to the list. Want the hosts to see? Simply add @kpereira and @oliviamunn to pass your congrats along. It’s that easy!

Check out the video starring both hosts of the show here at Youtube: Parry Gripp- The Girl at the Video Game Store


Oh the fun..

Posted in Thoughts for the Day on July 9, 2009 by The Raven

Yesterday after returning home from a nice long day of shopping with my mom and best friend, I wandered down cellar to let our cat out of his little kennel. Yes our cat has a kennel he sleeps in. Why? Because if left to roam on his own, the house would be a mess when we got back or when we get up in the morning. Now we of course give him food and water while he’s in there so no animal activists ranting about how it’s not right to do that. We do take care of him.

Anyway, back to the story..

While coming back upstairs with food and water dishes in my right hand, and my left on the railing (safety first) I caught the toe of my sneaker on the underside of the fourth step down from the top of the stairs. Needless to say I tripped (as I was going at a good pace, this is why safety first) and hurt my left knee and ankle in the process. I’ve been in some pain since last night- hobbling around and the like- since the injury. Of course knowing what I do about first aid and such, I managed to get it iced and elevated rather soon after the injury so with luck any excess swelling was prevented though I can still tell there is some in the joint itself.

So now here I am sitting on the computer, with two ACE bandages wrapped around my knee, a brace thing on my ankle and feeling rather miserable. It’s a gorgeous day out, I so want to go out and walk around the yard… And.. I can’t. How ironic is that?? The last two weeks we’ve gotten nothing but rain, and suddenly I’m hurt and the sun decides to come out of hiding. How is it fair? It’s not! Sooo not fair at all. In other words I’m feeling a tad cranky that I can’t go for my walk like I’d like to. And having no crutches in the house to make that possible I’m rather screwed.

Ah… The fairness of clumsiness and life..